ZEDOC is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform purposely designed as an Off the Shelf product for hospitals, service networks and statewide organisations to offer a powerful, highly configurable and scalable solution for the end to end management of Patient Perspectives (PRx©) – Patient Experience Measures (PREMs) and Patient Report Outcome Measures (PROMs) to help you put your patients front and centre.

ZEDOC operates within existing clinical workflows, communicating directly

with both patients and care teams, to enable patient outreach, collection and analysis of PREMS and PROMs throughout the care continuum in the clinic or remotely such as in the home, between visits. With ZEDOC, any PREMs or a PROMs implementation can be up and running immediately using pre-built project templates or by creating your own content with the ZEDOC Form Builder and Project Wizard. As a new customer just getting started or for help with advanced features, our team and online resources are available for you every step of the way.

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  • Instrument (questionnaires) Library

    Validated and standardised instruments and corresponding schedules

  • Integration Engine

    Seamless health information exchange using modern HL7 FHIR based APIs


    Transforms patient perspectives to actionable insights throughout the care trajectory

  • Analytics Dashboards

    Integrate objective and subjective measures for more powerful insights

  • Wearables API

    Amalgamate objective measures from wearables for comprehensive PROMs projects


    Real time continuous monitoring of how quality initiatives and interventions impact patient experience

  • ZECAT©

    CAT IRT module keeps the response burden to a minimum for patients while ensuring the relevant information is captured

  • ZEDOC PTalk©

    Capture patients’ experience in their own words/photos with keyword and sentiment analysis via NLP

  • Form and Chart Builder

    A robust and drag & drop style editing tool

  • Project Wizard

    Self managed configuration of PROMs/PREMs projects, including schedules, triggers and messages

The ZEDOC Platform uses the latest healthcare interoperability standards to integrate with other health information systems, including HL7 v2.x, CDA, FHIR and openEHR.

ZEDOC Form Builder and its underpinning data model are based on HL7 FHIR and openEHR, supporting model driven, reusable and standards based clinical information models


supports the different layers of a healthcare system

About The Clinician

The Clinician brings unparalleled experience in healthcare and implementation of health information systems across a broad range of clinical and administrative domains. Led by clinicians, our team have an excellent track record in healthcare and health informatics, bringing different and complementary skill sets in software and UX design, interoperability and standards-based integration with hospital systems, clinical registries, data science and secondary data use, health economics and health research.
The deep domain expertise, combined with our passion to improve healthcare, is wholly reflected in the ZEDOC Platform – a solution that focuses on the most important stakeholder, the patient, putting them front and centre by measuring healthcare processes and outcomes that matter most to them. A true value based healthcare platform.

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As a former clinician, manager of health services, Snr Policy Advisor in Health to the Victorian government, and online business developer, this is AMAZING and transformational for patient care.

Judy N.

ZEDOC is a robust and comprehensive outcomes measurement platform with service that goes well beyond an IT solution! Our patients enjoy the interactive screens and checking their trending data and to date we have experienced a 100% response rate!

Leanne Stone, Director of Nursing Princess Alexandra Hospital

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